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Trawl the sea to discover what secrets are hidden in its depths and record your findings on your typewriter.

The sea has many stories to tell, and will reward multiple voyages.

If you choose to record your findings on the typewriter, Trawl will save a text file in your Documents/Trawl/ folder.

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Linux Users Please Note: While we have verified that Trawl runs as intended on Linux, we've only been able to do so on the one machine, a Mac Mini. Should you run into into any problems, we'll be happy to try and work through them with you, or to refund you if you'd prefer.


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Why is my radio so bad

How do you drop a landline phone nto the oce-

an? Unless... xx :Oxxxx 

Sorry forgot how typewriters worked. Anyway, g-

od do I need a new radio.

I found a bendy key. Why is everything I fish-

up useless? Maybe I'll fish up a  radio? It wou-

ld have to be better than this one.

Oh thank god it's dead. Silence at last.

Okay bye xxxxxxxxxx

----------------- -=- -----------------

hi, there doesn't seem to be any way to access options? the first screen just shows basic instructions, no menu, pressing any button just starts the game but the text is all out of wack because it automatically gets into french and the font doesn't have an é so it's very jarring (especially given that the french translation seems to be like, google translated)

this is by far my favorite game, but sadly cannot play it due to the mac update. still gonna play once i get a computer that can run it.


The game automatically shows in Spanish and I'm sorry to say it's poorly translated. How can I change the language back to English?

same here

Hiya! I did a bit of a playthrough for you 

Made a blog and reviewed this game in it https://dawnsplaceyt.blogspot.com/2021/10/small-games-and-my-thoughts-1.html

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Takes an Age to Figure Out What To Do But 
Found That More Fun In Retrospect!,

I Went Through One Proper Run At Least,



How do I change the language? I'd love to play it, but it automatically set it's language to German for me (I assume because my OS is in German), which has sentences cut off among other issues and I can't find any settings to change it?

sorry it switched to German, there should be options o nthe main menu to change this.


I also have this issue (spanish), there is nothing on the main menu. In fact, I dont think there even is a main menu.


Any way to change graphical settings? The frame rate is quite bad for me

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Didn't work for me on Ubuntu I'm afraid. It gets as far as the Unity Splash screen, then crashes.

If I strace it, the error might be:

openat(AT_FDCWD, "/home/user1/Trawl_Linux/Trawl_Data/Managed/System.dll.so.la", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

I looked in the dir, and the closest file to that is called System.dll

Hopefully that is some help. It's not a big deal for me, I have a Windows machine too to play it on.

really sorry, we rushed out the linux build but stopped supporting this game a long time ago :( very sorry! if you paid for it then I will gladly refund you?

:-( I had the same problem. I appreciate the disclaimer on this, at least.

I have a few problems with my gameplay?

1. It switched to french, and I read another comment that said to look under "utiliser les options" but i cant find an option menu at all.

2. I can't seem to catch anything in the trawl, even after letting it sit in the water (i tried with and without the boat moving) for 10 min straight. 

Maybe something happened on my end? The game itself seems really cool, i just can't play it :(

sorry it switched to french, there should be options o nthe main menu to change this. The game itself involves figuring out how to catch things. My hint would be to use the radio. I hope you get to play it some more. Sorry about the french issue, I will try look into it.

Thank you for the help! <3

You're welcome


I really like this concept! I wish it was expanded on! I think it could be really cool!

Hopefully the next piece will have the same vibes! thank you <3


I found a xxxbottle and a key but the key wa-
s all bent and a harmonica - also bent. help m-
y radio is on fire!!!

S  O  S

----------------- -=- -----------------




what am i supposed to do after the radio breaks


Write your next hit novella


help I somehow changed the text to French and I don't know how to change it back


utiliser les options


I had fun playing it, but why does the radio break after 3 uses? And I don't know if it's just me, but after it breaks, I can't find anything else.....

So the radio breaks and you put the note youve been writing in the bottle and chuck it in the ocean and the game restarts, i have a video on it on my channel DawnsPlaceYT or see my comment for the gameplay its fairly simple I too wish that it went for more than 3 goes

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Intriguing game. I kept expecting something horrifying to happen given the ambiance. The sounds of the ship and the isolation had me on edge. I wish there was something more meaningful to completing a voyage, although I'm not sure what I'd suggest.

XD same I Was so scared something was gonna jump out

Fun game